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CER Draft R13 with attachments 05/24/2017 Document Report 23.2 MB
CER Presentation NID 7-12-17 R2 07/12/2017 Document Presentation 6.86 MB
NID Phase III Geotech Report Draft 2017-03-09 text, tables, figures  03/09/2017 Document Report 29.99 MB
PCC Tech Memo RCC R5 compiled  05/15/2017 Document Report 7.58 MB
NID Phase III Geotech Report Draft 2017-03-09 appendices  03/09/2017 Document Report 224.95 MB
USACE 404 Permit Application  04/11/2017 Document Application 36.51 MB
Centennial Scoping Meeting Information  03/01/2017 Document Notice 2.12 MB
Final Centennial Reservoir Scoping Presentation 2-28-2017  02/28/2017 Document Presentation 19.75 MB
USACE Notice of Intent (NOI) to Prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement  02/10/2017 Document Notice 0.175 MB
Centennial Reservoir Project Update Board Meeting 12-14-16  12/14/2016 Document Report 1.71 MB
Dog Bar Road Realignment Study 10-14-16  10/14/2016 Document Study 79.95 MB
Dog Bar Road Presentation October 12, 2016  10/12/2016 Document Presentation 5.91 MB
Dog Bar Road Hand Out October 12, 2016  10/12/2016 Document Handout 9.49 MB
Notice of Preparation: Public Meeting Presentation  03/10/2016 Document Notice 0.802 MB
Notice of Preparation Public Meeting Transcript 03-10-16  03/10/2016 Document Notice 0.403 MB
Notice of Preparation Public Meeting Transcript 03-09-16 03/09/2016 Document Notice 0.105 MB
Notice of Preparation: Environmental Impact Report for the Centennial Reservoir Project  02/16/2016 Document Notice 0.288 MB
Notice of Preparation: Public Meeting Notice  03/09/2016 Document Notice 1.1 MB
Centennial Reservoir Project Comment Card  03/09/2016 Document Commentary 1.4 MB
Report: Nevada Irrigation District Centennial Reservoir Project Preliminary Geotechnical Investigation Phase II Report  02/09/2016 Document Report 28.2 MB
Application: NID State Water Resources Control Board  01/22/2015 Document Application 0.950 MB
NID Centennial Reservoir Project Final Scoping Report  07/07/2016 Document Report 15.6 MB
Centennial Reservoir Project: Construction Cost Estimates Conceptual Design PowerPoint Presentation 08/24/2016 Document Presentation 6.5 MB
Centennial Reservoir Project: Conceptual-Level Opinion of Probable Construction Cost  08/17/2016 Document Report 6.9 MB
Commentary January storms underline the need for new storage  01/18/2017 Document Commentary 1.39 MB
Environmental Compliance Process  08/17/2016 Document Report 0.158 MB
Federal Register: Vol. 82, No. 27, 02-10-17 Notice of Intent To Prepare a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Proposed Centennial Reservoir Project, Nevada and Placer Counties, CA, Corps Permit Application Number SPK–2016–00030  02/10/2017 Notice Notice 0.174 MB
NID Board Authorizes Technical Studies For Proposed Centennial Reservoir 04-14-16  04/14/2016 Press Release Notice 0.350 MB
NID Asks for Public Input on Proposed Reservoir Project 02-16-16  02/16/2016 Press Release Notice 0.340 MB
NID Highlights Benefits of Centennial Project at Nevada County Board of Supervisors Meeting 10-10-15  10/10/2015 Press Release Notice 0.336 MB
NID Reports 38% August Conservation Rate 10-27-15  10/27/2015 Press Release Report 0.330 MB
Nevada Irrigation District Yuba-Bear Hydroelectric Project Public Relicensing Website  10/10/2015  Website Relicensing N/A
California State Waterboard Waterrights Website  04/30/2018  Website Information N/A
California Water Commission Website  04/30/2018  Website Information N/A
Centennial Project 2018 Audit Report  09/10/2018  Document Report 0.328 MB