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Helping the region grow and prosper

Farmers MarketAgriculture is important to the county’s economy and an essential element to our way of life, as showcased by the growing popularity of purchasing locally grown produce. In 2013, the total value of Nevada and Placer County’s agricultural production was $105 million, a significant growth from the previous year.

By helping to maintain reliable water for agriculture, the Centennial Reservoir Project will enhance our agricultural legacy.

In addition, water storage construction projects are labor intensive and create well-paying jobs for the community. The Centennial Reservoir Project will create hundreds of jobs each year until its completion.

Similar to popular facilities at other local reservoirs, the Centennial Reservoir Project will provide recreational activities for both residents and visitors to the region. To help maintain a natural, peaceful ambiance for people living on and visiting the lake there will be an anticipated five mile-per-hour speed limit on the lake, making this an ideal destination for kayakers, fishing enthusiasts, swimmers, campers and hikers. The proximity to these recreational activities is expected to increase local property values and visits to other destinations in our community.